Walkthroughs & Warranty

The following is a summary of the Punchlist and Limited Warranty Procedures outlined in your Purchase and Sale Agreement.  For the full text please refer to your Purchase and Sale Agreement. 

 Pre-Closing Walkthrough

A pre-closing walkthrough will be scheduled within 48 hours of the closing. Margaret Gilligan will contact you to set up this meeting, during which she will discuss operating systems and warranty information. The goal of this walkthrough is to allow you to point out any items that need our attention.  This will be your only opportunity to point out any cosmetic items such as nicks in walls or scratches in finish work.  A punch list will be created and addressed by our Customer Service team.  At this time, we will also schedule your after-closing walkthrough.

After-Closing Walkthrough

Our Customer Service team has your initial punch list created at the pre-closing walkthrough and has been correcting the punch list items. Approximately two weeks after your closing, we will conduct our after-closing walkthrough. Here we will review the progress of the initial punch list and address any non-cosmetic items that you may have identified since moving into your home. An updated list will be created and delivered to the construction foreman for completion.

Limited Warranty Coverages

The following items are covered under Warranty for one year from the time of closing.


Foundation:  Thorndike will take whatever reasonable steps it may determine are required, consistent with industry standards, so as to address any water seepage in the basement through the foundation.  Among the steps the Warrantor has the discretion to elect are redirecting surface water, caulking, water proofing or installing underground drains or sump pumps in the basement floor.





Systems:  Any defects in materials or workmanship of the plumbing, heating, HVAC and electric wiring systems.


Roof and Building Envelope:  Any defects in materials or workmanship on the roof and building envelope, including siding, windows, exterior trim, decks and exterior stairs.


Structure:  Any defects which materially affect the Structural integrity of the Unit.






Thorndike expressly disclaims responsibility for any of the following items, each of which is expressly excluded from this Limited Warranty:


  1. Defects of any nature in any appliance or piece of equipment which is covered by any manufacturer's Each manufacturer's warranty has been assigned directly to the Buyer, each such manufacturer's warranty claim procedure must be followed where a defect of any nature appears in a warranted item.


  1. Damage due to ordinary wear and tear, abusive use, misuse, or lack of proper maintenance of the Unit or its component parts or


  1. Defects which are the result of characteristics common to materials Examples include but are not limited to, cracks in concrete due to drying and curing of concrete, plaster, drywall, brick or masonry; and drying, shrinking and cracking of exterior shingles, clapboard, caulking and weather-stripping;


  1. Defects in items installed by the Buyer or anyone other than the Warrantor or subcontractors at Warrantor's


  1. Work done by the Buyer or anyone other than by the Warrantor or subcontractors at Warrantor's


  1. Defects in items supplied by the


  1. Loss or injury due to the


  1. Conditions resulting from condensation on or expansion or contraction of


  1. Inconsequential or incidental damages to the extent permitted by Massachusetts state


  1. Claims relating to the transmission of sound within the buildings such as muffled voices, doors closing, footsteps, noises relating to activity in adjacent garages and water flowing through common pipes, all of which is normal and common in wood frame


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