Utility Information

Listed below are the names and numbers of the utility companies you will need to contact before you close on your new home.

NOTE: Before you contact any of these companies, you will need the street address of your new home.

Please contact the following companies Two Weeks prior to closing:


  • Verizon                                                                                           (800) -837-4966

(Please note: You will need to ask that they connect inside jacks to the network interface device. Verizon charges an additional fee for this service.)


  • Comcast                                                                                         (800)-934-6489

(Please note: If you are the first home to close within an attached building or the first detached home to close on a block, please tell your provider that the outside wiring needs to be done prior to the inside wiring. Thorndike runs the underground conduit (PVC pipe) from the junction boxes to the homes. It is the provider’s responsibility to install the wiring within that conduit.)


Please contact the following companies One Week prior to closing:


  • Eversource (Gas & Electric)                                                          (800) 592-2000


You do not need to contact the Water Department.  Thorndike will notify the Water Department of your name and new address when we request the final water and sewer bill prior to closing.  If you need to contact the Water Department after closing their phone number is (508) 830-4162 ext. 138.


Please feel free to call us at 508-650-0650 x 22 and we will provide you with any additional assistance you may require.




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